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Music is emotion and this is exactly what we want to catch and hold!

Our obsession is inherently focused on microphones. 
For in fact next to the orginal music, the microphone is the most important ingredient in any recording system.
The true attributes of the original music not captured by the microphone are forever lost and cannot be recovered. 
That's why we decided to develop microphone systems that are able to really catch the spirit of music.

To achieve this, it was necessary to go absolutely new ways. Many things turned out differently as known from 
conventional microphones. Our decisions for materials and techniques were always lead by the logic of our plan in mind. 
The unrivalled technical specifications clearly show that our decision for a uncompromising tube technology was no coincidence.

Although acting contrary to the current trend, we decided to build only products of highest quality.
Apart from computer aided design+manufacturing the sensible manual work is the most important part of that. 
Our microphones appear unusual at first sight, but they provide new possibilities for the user to maximise creativity in 
the highest levels but still work in an ergonomic way.